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Theses and Projects: Research collection: Theses submission

Theses submission procedures

Check you have:

  • the bound print thesis
  • the searchable pdf on a USB (it must be the final version and it should not be password protected or compressed).  
  • the submission form signed by the student and supervisor (remember that the undergraduate projects are only accessible by current staff and students). Please indicate whether you want restricted access or not. If it is restricted, it should be handed directly to the Assistant Librarian, Bibliographic Services. 

Dissertation/thesis submission

Supervisors are now responsible for checking projects/theses for any GDPR issues before depositing them with the library. A few things to watch out for are:

  • Named or identified interviewees or companies that have been assured anonymity, especially in interview transcripts.
  • Headers/footers  and appendices containing student personal addresses or emails, especially in letters accompanying surveys.
  • Also make us aware if there is a restriction agreement with the company, even if there is a confidentiality statement in the thesis, as restricted access may not be ticked in the submission form.

Electronic undergraduate projects

Some undergraduate projects are available in pdf on the library website: see below.