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Library Induction 2021

Hello to new and returning students

Let us explain how academic ebook access is very different to a kindle download

Our library provides you with access to ebooks. They come from a variety of suppliers depending on where a publisher is available. This is why some can be accessed through   Academic collection, some through proquest and some through....WE are also exploring suppliers who will provide the book link directly to your module in Moodle

This could mean you are saving different Yeats Library ebooks with notes and highlighted passages onto separate e book shelves within different products. 

So they can take some time to explore  - the upside is you can search all of our ebook titles in the Eolas search box 

Ebooks then come with different licences - our preference is multi user access where a whole class can view the same book at the same time. Sometimes the only license available is for one or 3 users at a time so you may need to wait your turn.




Powerpoint recording

Publication Finder is the best way to find a specific journal title.




Yeats Library provides you with access to a selection of quality databases through our Databases A-Z.  These databases offer comprehensive access to peer reviewed journal sources. They can be searched by keywords, author, publication type or date.  Articles can be then organised into a personal folder and a simple reference can be generated or export the details to a bibliographic management software such as EndNote. 

Not all books are availbe as ebooks for a library to offer students. We will continue to negotiate with suppliers through the semester and will work with your lecturers to get the most appropriate access available.

We want to ensure you have access to your core texts so please use the click and collect service as we often have multiple copies on the shelves. 

Check the library catalogue to view what is available.

We will also provide a postal loan service which includes an An Post prepaid return padded bag - details to follow.