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Journals: Search for a journal title or article

Login to Access Resources

When accessing Library resources you will be prompted to logon using your IT Sligo email address and college logon eg


Searching for a journal article using Eolas

Search for a journal article using the Eolas search box on the Library website.

A list of articles or related articles will display alongside full text access options

Search Eolas

Searching for a journal title using Publication Finder

From the Library homepage select Publication Finder 

Enter the title you are searching for e.g. Archaeology Ireland.

A list of publications will appear with the results closest to your search terms at the top with all available full text resources for each journal title displaying as in the example below of Archaeology Ireland.

screenshot of journal display

For more details see this guide 

How to reference a journal article?

image with open text book, glasses and a yellow and blue highlighter

The IT Sligo Harvard Referencing Guide outlines how to reference journal articles in various formats.

Cite Them Right

Two examples from ITS Worked Examples Guide:

1. Print journal article reference example (one author):

Landers, J. (2012) 'Modeling program improves efficiency of construction progress monitoring', Civil Engineering, 82 (11), pp. 42 - 43.

2. Online journal article reference example:

Kumar, A. (2011) 'Mental health services in rural India: challenges and prospects', Health [Online], 3 (12), pp. 757 - 761. Available DOI: 10.4236/health.2011.312126 [Accessed 29 July 2013].

Fo more details see the guides below