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Insurance Practice: Welcome

Insurance Practice

Yeats Library 2019/20

Insurance Undergrad Dissertations


EOLAS is the main search on the library website.

The Yeats Library has many information resources and there are various ways to search for them on the website.

Because it can be difficult to know where to begin, Eolas search is a good place to get started.

Eolas allows you to search many of the Library's information resources in a single search.


Quick Start Guide to EOLAS

Getting started on your assignments

The following services are available at to help you find relevant information for your assignments:

EOLAS: search print and online library resources including full text ebooks and articles

DATABASES:  search for a particular database or choose one from the list

PUBLICATION FINDER: search for a specific journal title or browse by discipline for full text publications

RESEARCH@THEA search the entire collections of research output from all of the Institutes of Technologyvia this open access repository

Research and Learning guides

Library support for you

Online Learner Queries


Frequently Asked Questions

Online student support

Login to Access Eresources

When accessing Library resources you will be prompted to logon using your IT Sligo email address and college logon eg