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Films and Documentaries: Welcome


Borrowing Rules for Films and Documentaries

How do you borrow a DVD?

Easy, just bring the display case and your Student Card to the Library Desk.


How many can you borrow at a time?

You can borrow 1 DVD at a time. Even if you have borrowed 3 books, you can still borrow 1 DVD. If you want to borrow a Film or Documentary that has multiple disks, don't worry! This still counts as 1 DVD.


Want it for 1 night? 

Overnight borrowing runs from Monday to Thursday.


Want it for longer?

Borrow on a Friday or Saturday and you can keep it until Monday. 


What if I forget to return it?

You can renew your DVD just like your books. But, please remember that if you need to renew a DVD, you'll only get an extra night (unless you renew it on a Friday or Saturday.)

Our Film and Documentary Collection

Welcome to our collection of Films and Documentaries. 

We don't have many Hollywood blockbusters, but we do have films that have won international awards from the Cannes, Berlin, and the Sundance Film Festivals.

We have BBC adaptations of Shakespearean plays, as well as adaptations of other playwrights.

We have Irish-made films and documentaries and films in a wide variety of languages.

Our collection is divided by category and colour-coded to help you search it.

So, if you're interested in cinema and storytelling, and looking for something just a little bit different, this might just be the place for you.


Category Colour
Drama Red
Crime Drama Blue
Historical Drama White
Comedies & Musicals Orange
Play Adaptations Cream
Documentaries Green

This month can we suggest ...

Written by Roddy Doyle, this story follows Rosie and her family as they deal with the sudden oss of their home  in contemporary ireland.