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What is a Database?

What is a Library Database?

A library database is an online collection of information. The library subscribes to a variety of databases.  Staff and students can access articles, eBooks, conference proceedings and other research material to support their study and research. 

Why should you use a Library Database?

Library databases are selected by librarians and academic staff based on their content. The journal articles, eBooks, conference proceedings and research material within these databases provide quality support for ATU Sligo courses.


How to access the databases

Accessing Library Databases

Information available in library databases can be accessed by EOLAS the main search tool on the library website or by going directly to the Database A-Z.

The majority of databases can be accessed through Eolas however, the databases listed below are not included in EOLAS. Go directly to the Database A-Z to access these databases.

  1.  Digital Theatre +
  2. IHS Markit
  3. Irish Times Archive
  4. Mintel Market Reports
  5. BSOL British Standards
  6. SAI Global
  7. Web of Science 
  8. World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Library are not included in EOLAS. Go directly to the Database A-Z to access these databases.

To access the Database A-Z scroll down the website to the section below.



From the library website click the Databases A-Z Link. Then find the database you want from the list and click on the title. Help guides will link and give information on the various databases from this web page. If you need extra help searching the databases just email the library and book as tutorial. 

A-Z Databases

Off Campus Access to Databases

You will be prompted to sign in when accessing the electronic resources off-campus or if you are using your own WiFi hotspot on campus. 

Use your university email address and your university password.

If you are experiencing access issues;

  • Change browser to Firefox or Chrome
  • Delete Cookies 
  • Use a personal device and not a workplace one.