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News Update: Sunset Mode Database

Digital Theatre Plus is now in Sunset Mode.

This database will be phased out of use within two years.

Your Subject Librarian


Name: Jennifer Flynn

Professional Title: 

Bibliographic Services and Subject Librarian for the School of  Engineering and Design.


What does that mean? 

Bibliographic Services means that I catalogue our resources so that you can access them. Cataloguing is part metadata control, part stock control and part inventory.

Subject Librarian means that I am your point of contact in the Library to help you with your information needs for your course.


What's your goal? 

To make all or our resources as easy for you find as possible and to help you with Referencing, assignments and understanding Information Literacy.


Creative Design

Creative Design is a field of study that crosses many disciplines.

Here in the Library, we do our best to make sure that you have access to the best possible resources for your research and study.

These resources include books, ebooks, databases, journals, recommended websites and Information Literacy support from our Librarians.

How can we help you?

Librarians just don't do their jobs behind a desk inside the Library anymore.      

We're here to support your learning by giving you lessons on Information Literacy, Critical Thinking, Referencing and Endnote. 

We can come to your classroom to talk to you in groups, or you can make an appointment to talk to us at the Library Reference Desk.

We can also help you if you drop by the Library Desk with a query. You can do that at any time the Library is open.

We can help you research assignments and find the resources that you need to complete them.