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Biopharmaceutical Science

Finding a Book in the Library

The Dewey Decimal System is used to find the location of a print book in the library.

The Dewey Decimal Number is displayed on the spine of the book. 

When searching EOLAS or the Library Catalogue, look for the Class Number of the book. This is the Dewey Decimal Number.

A list of Dewey Decimal Numbers are found at the end of each row of shelves, signifying which Dewey Numbers are stored in that row.

This floor plan of the Info Zone of the library also shows where books are located arranged by their Dewey Number.  


Relevant Dewey Decimal Numbers/Class Numbers

540   Chemistry

570   Biological Sciences

572   Biochemistry

576   Microbiology

579   Microorganisms

615   Pharmaceutical Science

660   Chemical Engineering

Reading Lists

View your reading list by clicking on this link and selecting your course.

Selected Books/eBooks

Picture of Shargel and Yu's Applied Biopharmaceutics & Pharmacokinetics
Picture of the book Medical Device Technologies
Picture of the book
Picture of Specification of Drug Substances and Products book