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Standards SAI Global Quick Start Guide: Welcome

A brief introduction to getting started searching SAI Global Standards


This database provides access to the full text of all NSAI (IS) standards and to NSAI adopted European (EN) and international standards (ISO).  


Available from the library web site:
●    Databases A-Z
●    Choose Standards - SAI Global from the list

You may need to enter your IT Sligo user name and password:

Students: and IT Sligo Password 
(Students should try their student number alone with IT Sligo password if their email does not work)

Staff: and IT Sligo Password 


The main screen provides a number of search boxes.  

For example, enter the number I.S. EN 1515-1 in the Enter Document Number box

The standard Flanges and Their Joints - Bolting - Part 1 - Selection of Bolting will be shown.

Information about the standard is provided in a series of labels across the top of the list, including Status, Version etc.

Viewing and Downloading Standards

You can either choose:
●    View Online to view the standard on screen
●    Download to download a pdf version of the standard which you can save or print

Clicking Back to Search Results at the top left of the screen moves you back to the original search screen.

Other Searches

For a second example, enter the term paving in the box Enter document title or keyword.
In the Filter by options to the left of the screen, under Status, Tick Current
Click Search.

In the list of results you will find, for example, the standard I.S. EN 1338 Concrete Paving Blocks - Requirements and Test Methods.


As noted above, IT Sligo’s subscription to SAI Global contains full text IS (Irish), ISO (International Organisation for Standardization) and EN (European) standards.  It does not include full text for BS (British Standards).  Because different standards bodies adopt other standards, when you come across a BS standard in a search results list, although the full text of the BS is not available in SAI Global there may be an equivalent standard.

For example, at the main search screen, type the words waterproof sheeting into the box Enter document title or keyword.  From the list of results, Click BS EN 16002.  Full text for this is not available.  Choose EN 16002 from the drop down menu under Equivalences.  Full text is not available for this either as it is “Not Subscribed”.  However, if you open the drop down menu at Equivalences on this standard, the standard I.S. EN 16002 is shown as “identical”.  If you click on this you have access to the full text.

Note:  There is also a small collection of full text British Standards in the database Standards - BSOL British Standards Online listed in the A-Z database list.  There are also standards relating to construction in IHS listed in the A-Z database list

Cancelled and Superceded Standards

When viewing a list of standards you may see the following symbols:

This means the standard is currently in use

This means the standard is cancelled and no longer applies


For further assistance, Click User Guide at the top right hand corner of the screen.