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Learning Support

Specific Learning Difficulties


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The Irish Government Task Force on Dyslexia (2002) definition is as follows:

Dyslexia is manifested in a continuum of specific learning difficulties related to the acquisition of basic skills in reading, spelling and/or writing, such difficulties being unexplained in relation to an individual’s other abilities and educational experiences. Dyslexia can be described at the neurological, cognitive and behavioural levels. It is typically characterised by inefficient information processing, including difficulties in phonological processing, working memory, rapid naming and automaticity of basic skills. Difficulties in organisation, sequencing and motor skills may also be present. (p.31)


TED TALK  July 2013

Sandman-Hurley, K. (2013 July). What is Dyslexia? TED Conferences.[Online Video]. Available from: [Accessed 8th Septemeber 2020]

[Directed by Marc Christoforidis, narrated by Michelle Snow]

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