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Online Alternatives For Exam Accommodations: Learning and Educational Needs Summary

Exam Accommodations

What is a Learning and Educational Needs Summary

All students registered for support with IT Sligo Disability and Learning Support Services have a Learning Educational Needs Summary (LENS). The LENS report will incorporate any recommendations of a Consultant or Educational Psychologist. It will cover an assessment of the students’ needs in third level education and also recommend Reasonable Accommodations for the student.  

It is the responsibility of the student to share the information in the LENS report with relevant academic staff within IT Sligo to help them also provide assistance.

Exam Accommodations



It is essential that all students registered with the Disability and Learning Support Services share a current LENS report with their lecturers.

Lecturing staff need to be made aware of the teaching and learning accommodations and the examination accommodations recommended in your LENS report.