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Online Learning Supports: Institutional Repositories and Platforms

Find the curated resources you need for your studies

What's an IR?

A stack of theses and a scholar's cap. 

An Institutional Repository (IR) is a digital collection of the academic work of an educational institution. It may include material in a wide variety of formats:

  • these and dissertations
  • videos of lectures
  • datasets
  • technical papers
  • book chapters
  • conference presentations

We have our own one at IT Sligo. which contains work from our students. We also maintain a list of other IRs that might be useful for you.

What's an IR Portal?


An IR Portal is an online platform which gives you access to several institutional repositories at once. It may also include access to online projects by institutions.

Electronic Theses and Dissertations

Past undergraduate dissertations and postgraduate thesis are useful resources when it comes to writing your own dissertation or thesis.‚Äč

We have a new digital platform to host undergraduate dissertations, and will continue to add these as they become available.

There is also a new platform for international undergraduate dissertations available.

Digital copies of postgraduate theses can be found online through Research@Thea, new institutional repository for all the Institutes of Technology in Ireland.




Other Irish IRs

Irish Institutional Repositories


IR Portals