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Online Learning Supports: Academic Writing

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Academic Writing: Quick Guide

undefinedAcademic writing is a different from the writing that you did in secondary school.

In college, your essays and projects are longer and more complex pieces.

You'll have to search for extra texts and sources of reliable information to write about your topics.

When you use someone else's idea in your writing, you'll need to note what you did. This is called referencing.

Referencing is the analogue equivalent of hyperlinks: you show your reader where precisely you obtained the information you are using.

If you don't reference your source of information, or don't admit the idea belongs to someone else, then you have plagiarised someone else's work. This will have a bad effect on your grades.

Don't worry if it seems confusing. We can help you: we have lots of dedicated resources for you to use online.  

Appointments are available with The Academic Writing Centre tutors by emailing

Referencing Apps

This online platform shows you how to build a reference to almost any resource! 

Access this free referencing software through the Web of Science database.