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Our special collections

Anne Yeats Art Collection

Anglo-Irish Literature – Celtic revival literature from the early 20th century Cuala Press, W.B. Yeats, Eva Gore-Booth and others

Jack Flynn Collection - history and archaeology

Political Satire - Punch, German magazines 1930's

Gaelige & Other Languages - school books from 1960's and novels- French, German, Italian

Miscellaneous- Children’s Fairy Stories, English History, Irish History


Items from Special Collections can be requested at the library information desk or via email request to

The Special Collections room is only accessible by Yeats Library Staff.  

All items are strictly reference only with some reserved for use under staff supervision due to delicate condition.

About special collections

Special Collections consists of a variety of collections of archival and specialist material from early printed books to individual collections donated to IT Sligo over the past few decades.

Yeats Library has a duel role of preserving these unique items while also making them available for research.

The collections vary in size, format and condition. Some are named after the doner such as the Anne Yeats Art Collection and the Jack Flynn Colllection. Others have been assigned to a collection according to subject matter.