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What is a Class Number?

A Class Number is a number that a Library gives to a book so that it can be stored and found.

In this Library we use the Dewey Decimal Classification for our Class Numbers. You may see this number refered to as to as 'DDC' in our online catalogue.

If you've ever looked for non-fiction books in an Irish public library, then you've used the Dewey Decimal System to find those books.

This system

Books are filed under Class Numbers, which act like an address so that every book can be found.

How do you use the DDC to find a book in this Library?

The Dewey Decimal Guide

000: Generalities

100: Philosophy and Pyschology

200: Religion

300: Social Sciences

400: Language

500: Science

600: Technology

700: Arts and Recreation

800: Literature

900: History and Geography