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Official Publications: Searching the OP stacks

Stack 1

STACK 1: Includes Irish govt. departments, building regulations, statistics, conferences and both semi-state and voluntary groups.

Irish Government departments

These are shelved alphabetically according to dept. and then by year, e.g. Dept. of Defence 1992, Dept. of Defence 1993, Dept. of Education and Science 1992 and so on. If you search the catalogue, the code for each dept. is in the class mark box, e.g. DEPT ARTS. The publications are arranged alphabetically in pamphlet boxes by department and within that by year.


The CSO material is all shelved in a statistics section (including statistical
bulletin series, trade statistics, economic series and censuses).

Semi-state and voluntary groups

Semi-state and voluntary groups are shelved alphabetically in boxes beyond the
govt. depts. If you search the catalogue, the more well known groups have a
specific code in the classmark, e.g. BORD GAIS but others have a MISC and letter
as their classmark.

EPA, NRA, etc. are all shelved in their boxes in the A-Z section.

Local authorities and university publications

These are in the A-Z section under COUN and UNI respectively (apart from Sligo Co. Council which is under SLIGO COUNCIL and Sligo Corporation which is under SLIGO CORPORATION).


These are shelved at C in the A-Z section. If you search the Catalogue, the classmark will be CONF.

Stack 2

STACK 2: This includes EU material, Acts of the Oireachtas, Judgments of the Supreme and High Courts, Irish Law report monthly, British parliamentary Papers, HMSO, design manual for roads and bridges, and Irish tax guides.

EU material

This is shelved at the start of the stack and includes Eurostat, etc. The boxes are shelved alphabetically and by year. If you search the catalogue, the classmark vary but are mainly EC, EMI and EU.

HMSO material follows this (the HMSO road design manuals are at the end of
shelf). On the catalogue, the classmark is HMSO.

United Nations, OECD, and other global organisations’ material follows.

Next are the British parliamentary papers 1847-1856 which are bound.
The Tax Guides and VAT Acts are followed by the Judgements, which are bound from 1990 to 2000 and on the catalogue, the classmark reads ACTS.
The Acts are bound from 1922 onwards. If you require any more recent ones, please contact the Bibliographic Services Librarian, as there is a delay on publication. On the catalogue the classmark is ACTS. Each act for the year is listed in the contents field, so they are searchable by keyword. These are followed by some Bills and Statutory Instruments.

Stack 3

STACK 3: This includes ESRI, NESC and NESF reports and annual reports.

The ESRI reports are shelved according to the report number and general ESRI material is shelved beyond them, including the back issues of Quarterly Economic Commentary (the latest issue is displayed on the journal shelf).

The NESC reports are also shelved by report number. The classmark on the catalogue for both are ESRI and NESC. These are followed by the NESF reports shelved by report number also.

The annual reports are shelved alphabetically at the end of the stack. All govt and semi-state reports are held and three years of private enterprise reports are held.