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The Research collection is in the Quiet Zone (top floor) to the right of the stairs. The postgraduate degrees are shelved by author, firstly the Ph.D.s, then the Masters. The taught and research Masters are shelved separately, the research Masters having a red label marked RES to distinguish them. It is also written on the front page.

The undergraduate degrees and diplomas are then shelved by school. The schools were distinguished by colour when we bound them (green for Engineering, blue for Arts and Humanities, red for Science). The older degree projects are shelved by barcode (bound), then year and author/volume no. followed by the Diploma projects shelved by barcode, then year and author/ volume no.

Any of the newer projects bound in volumes are done alphabetically by author and the author names are on the front, e.g. Kelly – May. The volume nos are on the spine, so vol 1 would have A to H roughly. Most recent projects are bound individually.



Quiet Zone Map