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Special collections: Collections

Anglo-Irish Literature

The Cuala Press was owned by the Yeats sisters Lilly and Lolly Yeats who published works by many of the great Anglo-Irish literary figures during the first half of the 20th century. The library has a hardback collection of Cuala Press reprints from the 1970’s. 


Antiquarian Books

Several antiquarian books have been donated to the library including:

  1. A treatise of the Laws of Nature by Richard Cumberland (1727)
  2. Translation of Richard Cumberlands’s De Legebus Naturae (1672)
  3.  An Experimental History of the Materia Medica by William Lewis (1768).
  4. A Latin and Greek manuscript text by Saint Justin, published in 1593 (which is the oldest original item we have in the Special Collections)

Anne Yeats Art Collection

Anne Yeats, daughter of W.B. Yeats and niece of Jack B. Yeats, was a renowned artist and theatre designer. This collection which comprises of several hundred art books and catalogues from her private collection were donated to the college for the particular benefit of IT Sligo Art and Design students.

Political Satire

Punch satirical magazines vols.1, 1841- vol.100, 1891 (incomplete, one missing) and issues of a German political propaganda magazine from the 1930’s.

Gaelige & Other Languages

Novels- French, German, Italian

Jack Flynn Collection