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Ebooks: Ebook Help Topics

Downloading the Ebooks

Why Download the ebooks?

If you want to read on your commute or have bad internet at home, this is a good option. However reading on the screen is much easier. You can change the font size, in some cases font and the background colour of the ebook if you wish. See the tab above on accessibility. 

How to download

See the section on software and make sure you have Adobe Digital Editions installed. You will also need to login to Adobe Digital Editions using your Adobe ID. There is a download button on the screen when you have an ebook record open. The instructions that display on the screen should help. 

What is an Adobe ID?

What is DRM? 

This is Digital Rights Management.  It is a way of making sure that the ebooks can only be downloaded by a certain number of people at a time, and for a certain period of time. The DRM on any of the ebooks you borrow for example knows to stop you from being able to read it after your ebook loan period is up. 

Printing to PDF

When create a PDF we call it printing to PDF. When you have an ebook open in your desktop browser you have the option of printing to paper or PDF. Each ebook has it's own electronic licence which allows a certain amount of printing per book so be careful what pages you choose. It is very clear in the display how many pages you can print.


Kobo and Nook

We have tested downloading and reading the books on 3 different Kobo devices and it worked fine each time. EPUB format is much easier to read than PDF because the text adapts to the size of your screen. Plug your device into the laptop or pc. Have Adobe Digital Editions installed. Download your ebook. Drag the ebook onto the shortcut to your ebook reader in Adobe Digital Editions. Return your ebook when finished through Adobe Digital editions. 

IPads, Tablets and phones

We would recommend that you use the Adobe Digital Editions software available from your favorite app store. We have tested this and it works very well.


The ebooks are not compatible with the Kindle because the kindle uses a proprietary format. 


Ebook Formats

if you want to read on a laptop or computer, PDF format is better, but Epub is a better format for a smaller device or an ebook reader because it uses flowing text. The pages in pdf files are like photos, and are a certain size. Flowing text means the ebook adapts itself to the size of your device, but the page numbers could be off a bit, so double check if your lecturer gives you a page number to read. 

Simultaneous  Users

Some ebooks will only allow 1 person at a time read them. 1B1U (One book one user) The majority of our books allow simultaneous users.