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Inter-Library Loans and Document Supply: FAQs

Inter Library Loans and Document Supply Overview

Yeats Library Supporting Research

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interlending & Document Supply?

The Interlending and Document Supply service is designed to support staff and students in finding material not held in the library collection by making it available to them on request in the form of books and journal articles.


What material can I obtain?

Journal Articles, Books, Book Chapters, Conference Proceedings, Theses, Government Publications and Reports.


What material is not available through Interlending & Document Supply?

Material listed as Special Collections, Reference Material, Research Items, Theses (in certain cases) and Short Loan or Restricted Loan is not available on loan from any library.


Who can use the Interlending & Document Supply service?

The service is available to all staff and students who hold a current Institute of Technology, Sligo ID card. We currently do not charge staff or students for this service. 


When can I use it?

You may use the Interlending and Document Supply service when the item you require is not available from library resources.


How do I make a request?

All requests must be submitted through the forms available on the Library website. Please ensure that you complete the forms as fully as possible.

How will I be notified when my request arrives?

All notices will be sent to your college email account. It is your responsibility to check your email regularly and to respond as quickly as possible to all emails you receive. You can contact us at


How many requests can I make?

Interlending & Document Supply Allocations

  • Higher Certificate/Bachelor Degree  5 IT Loans  2 Charged Loans
  • Bachelor Degree (Hons) 10 IT Loans 10 Charged Loans
  • Teaching Staff 20 IT Loans 20 Charged Loans
  • Postgraduate Students 30 IT Loans 30 Charged Loans


Are there any restrictions on what I can request?

Due to copyright regulations you may not make duplicate requests for an article which has already been supplied to you.

For copyright reasons the library cannot supply a number of individuals with the same material for the same purpose at the same time. If multiple copies are required please contact


Can I renew an item requested via Interlending & Document Supply?

It may be possible to renew an item on loan from another Institute of Technology or University. The library will not renew an item from any of our charging suppliers.


Can I cancel an item requested via the Interlending & Document Supply service?

Interlending and Document Supply items requested from the British Library or any other charging supplier cannot be cancelled. We will cancel an Interlending and Document Supply request to another Institute of Technology Library or University, where possible.


What if I lose an Interlending & Document Supply item?

If a book is lost both staff and students will be charged as follows:

  • British Library Loan: €225.10 per loan.       
  • IT Libraries and other libraries: Full replacement cost per item.
  • If items from the stock of other libraries are lost, IT Sligo may be blacklisted and banned from future loans. 


How can Open and Distance Learners access their Interlending & Document Supply items?

Open and Distance Learners can have their Interlending and Document Supply items posted to their home address. Please submit your request using the online form


Who can I contact with Interlending & Document Supply queries?

Please enquire at the issue desk in the Library or email


Need Help

To submit an ILL request use the

Inter-Library Loan Request Form.

For any queries please contact the staff at Inter-library Loans & Document Supply via 


tel: 071 91 37351 

or the Library Online Helpdesk.