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Computing: Books and Ebooks

Coding, Programme Development, Game Development, Data Management, Database Design, Social Media, Website Design

How to Find Books

You can find books on your subject in the Infozone and Quietzone of the Library.

There are two ways to find books:

  • Search online with EOLAS 
  • Or search the shelves.

To find any book, you'll need to use the Class Numbers to guide you to its location. 

Class Numbers act like an address so that every book can be found.

Each book is labelled with its appropriate Class Number and all books with the                                                                                              same number are shelved together. We've labelled each block of shelves                                                                                              with Class Numbers too, so it's easier for you to find the right location.

If you get stuck, come and ask us for help or check out our LibGuide to our collection.


How to Find Ebooks

Our collection of ebooks is available online.

Would you like to see our newest additions

Search through our databases for one through EOLAS.

Or search our dedicated ebook databases directly:


Recommended Computing Books

Don't Make Me Think

Designing Interfaces

Digital Design Essentials

Adobe Photoshop CC Classroom in a Book

Recommended Ebooks

Practical C Programming

Computer and Machine Vision

Computer Security Handbook, Set

Computer Vision in Vehicle Technology