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Civil Engineering: Print maps

Ordnance Survey of Ireland Print Maps in the Yeats Library

Print maps in the Yeats Library are held in a series of upright cabinets and plan drawer cabinets in the Infozone.

Most maps are listed and may be searched by keyword or other headings in the Library Print Catalogue.  There are also lists and other information regarding the maps on the cabinets themselves. In addition to providing the title of each map, the lists on the upright cabinets indicate towns and other locations found on each map as a general guide to finding the location you require.

A summary of the Ordnance Survey maps in the cabinets is provided in the tabs Upright Cabinet 1 and Upright Cabinet 2

  • Indexes
  • Characteristic Sheets
  • County Sligo, Scale 6 inches to one mile, Sheet 1-47 (Revised 1909-14, 1941-43)
  • County Sligo, Scale 25 inches to one mile, selection of sheets (Revision 1911-12, 1940-41)
  • County Leitrim, Scale 6 inches to one mile, selection of sheets (Revision 1907-10, 1943)
  • County Donegal, Scale 25 inches to one mile, sheet 106/15
  • County Mayo, Scale 25 inches to one mile, sheet LXX/6

Note:  In order to provide coverage of the island of Ireland as a whole with an integrated numbering system, the Ordnance Survey of Ireland and the Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland use a continuous numbering system for their Discovery and Discoverer series.

  • Discovery Series/Discoverer Series, sheets 1-89, scale 1:50000, published 1991-2005
  • Ordnance Survey of Ireland, scale 1/2 inch to one mile, Sheet 3, South Donegal
  • Town Plan Sligo, scale 1:1000, 16 sheets, published 1985-1986

NMS Print Maps

The National Monumnts Service have produced paper maps and indexes based on the Sites and Monuments Record.  

The maps are based on the Ordnance Survey of Ireland Maps with each archaeological site circled.

The index allows particular sites to be searched by name.

The Yeats Library has most of these maps and booklets in stock.

They are stored in the Plan Drawer Cabinets in the maps area of the Library.

They are not used very frequently since the information was made available digitally in the Historical Environment Viewer

GSI Print Maps

  • Geological Survey of Ireland.  Ireland.  Sheets 1-25.