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Accounting: Journals

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About Journals

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Journals are often referred to as periodicals or serials because they are published at regular intervals - weekly, monthly or annually like newspapers and magazines.

Journals are generally published with a volume and issue number and these are important to use when referencing a journal article. 


Abstract - brief summary of the contents of an article

E-journal  - electronic version of a journal available online

Full text - complete text of article available for access

Peer-reviewed - scholarly reviewed

Trade publication, company or industry magazine e.g. Hotel and Restaurant

Take 5

Is it a periodical, a journal or a magazine?

A quick guide to journals

Print Journal Collection

Print journals are shelved beside the Library Information Desk on the Info Zone.

The journals are arranged in alphabetical order by School subject area.

Current issues are displayed to the front with recent issues stored underneath (lift the shelf lid for access)

Print journals cannot be borrowed and are for reference use only within the Info Zone and Quiet Zone.

Back Issues

The Library has back issues of print journal subscriptions from previous years.

A selection of titles are bound in hardback beside the reference collection in the Quiet Zone. The majority are stored in the Journal Archive Room in the Social Zone. 

These issues can be requested by completing a Back Issue Request Form (print only)