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Sociology and Politics: Books & ebooks

Finding a book

dewey decimal system classifications

Books for borrowing are shelved on the Info Zone and Quiet Zone. Books from both the Main Lending and the Overnight Loan Collections can be borrowed and are available from open shelves in the Info Zone. The shelving units are laid out in blocks and each block has a letter associated with it for ease of location.

The books are shelved in numerical order according to the Dewey Decimal Classification System.  This system allocates a number between 000-999 ( call/class number) to each subject area.  Art books, for example, are shelved together in the 700s while Science books are shelved in the 500s section. Each individual book will have a call number displayed on its spine and will be shelved in numerical order. Note: History Section (900s) has been moved upstairs beside the Reference Collection


EBSCO Academic Collection has about 160,000 ebooks. You can download , print and add notes. It's really easy to export the citations to referencing software like endnote basic. 

We also have a growing collection of individually ordered ebooks. We get these ebooks from Proquest. These are also in Eolas. The Proquest ebooks go into Ebook Central Database. We keep records with links for both types in the library catalogue. (See RSS feed below)

Some of our other library databases like Academic Source Complete and Business source complete and JSTOR have a number of ebooks even though they are not typical "ebook databases". There are also some fantastic open access ebooks in Eolas such as those from Openstax.