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Tourism: Ebooks

About the Ebooks

EBSCO Academic Collection has about 160,000 ebooks. You can download , print and add notes. It's really easy to export the citations to referencing software like endnote basic. 

We also have a growing collection of individually ordered ebooks. We get these ebooks from Proquest. These are also in Eolas. The Proquest ebooks go into Ebook Central Database. We keep records with links for both types in the library catalogue. (See RSS feed below)

Some of our other library databases like Academic Source Complete and Business source complete and JSTOR have a number of ebooks even though they are not typical "ebook databases". There are also some fantastic open access ebooks in Eolas such as those from Openstax.

Reading Copying and Printing

EBSCO Concurrent Access Titles

  • Concurrent titles (where the ebooks can only be used a certain amount of times in a year) can be checked out for 7 days. Each checkout counts for 7 uses. 
  • You can place a hold on concurrent titles
  • The library gets a notification if several people are looking for one of these titles at once, and we can make a purchasing decision on whether to order another online copy.

EBSCO Non-Concurrent Titles

These are the ebooks that have unlimited and limited  use. The majority of the ebooks are unlimited-  5000 students or staff could have a title open at the same time. Some ebooks are 1B1U titles (1 book 1 user) and they can also be downloaded for 7 days. Some of the ebooks can have 3 people at a time using them, and this includes web reading. 

These ebooks can be checked out for  7 days either in your EBSCOHOST folder , by using Adobe Digital Editions on a laptop for example, or on an ipad or android device. Unfortunately the only way to check in an ebook that you have downloaded is through Adobe Digital Editions.(even if you haven't fully downloaded it but just started the process)

Find out what rights you have with your ebook (click image below)

screenshot showing how to check ebook print  copy or use rights at bottom of page when in ebook title